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We – Kukukachú – are a group of music interested people that enjoy to play and make music together. With the main goal of having fun, everyone participates with whatever instrument they feel like. Some of us learned it from scratch and others are professional musicians.
Currently we are all located in Frankfurt Oder but one of our special features is our internationality.
Our members came for different reasons to Frankfurt (Oder) but we connected through music and that’s how we found each other.
From Germany and Poland to Italy and Spain over the sea to Argentina and Indonesia we all bring different musical inspirations with us. So, our program is quite diverse and includes traditional German songs, international pop songs but also Cumbia inspired music in different languages.
It started as public Jam-Sessions in July 2022 at the Kukuryku! Store, and was a project with the intention of bringing people together to make music. The Jam-Sessions were open for everyone and no musical skills were required. Everyone was invited to participate – once or more often. After a
while, a core group established itself and we ‘went public’ and started playing in front of an
audience. The group grew and developed and we played our first official concert in the Kukuryku!
Since then we had the opportunity to play for the SVFs 125 years anniversary on one of their tram rides (Erlebnisfahrt), for the Kleistmuseum on their monthly open Sunday, in the Stadt- und
Regionalbibliothek Frankfurt Oder and at the Globtol Festival in Beeskow. Since then, our repertoire – and skills 😉 – grew so that we started tiptoeing into writing our own songs. With one of these we had the possibility to take part in a video shooting for the City.


The Kukuryku! Store is our home-base. A place combining art-gallery, shop and event location. Its’ focus is on the region, presenting local products and art but also in creating a space were German and Polish but also international people can connect through art, artisan crafts and various events.
From vernissages, lectures, work meetings to fashion shows, a broad variety of cultural creations is reflected at the shop and therefore brings people together to experience something different,
something new.
Once a week we have the possibility to meet there and practice our music in an artistic and inspiring atmosphere.


What connects us is music. We don’t strive for perfection nor fame – we want to enjoy playing and having a great time with everyone who listens and sings along. From strangers, we became friends through the passion we share, and we want to share this experience with our audience. Music
connects, and that is what we want to do with our listeners: everyone can participate, by dancing,
singing or whatever comes up. There is no right or wrong, only something greater.